Monstrous by Greg Wright & Ken Lamug

An epic struggle between monsters, humans and robots will decide the future of the world.

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The Creators


GREG WRIGHT has created comics for several anthologies, and he co-created the comic book series Last Monster Standing with Survivor’s Erik Reichenbach. He earned a Ph.D. in American Literature and Film from Michigan State, and his award-winning fiction has appeared in a variety of journals. He has taught screenwriting, media studies, creative writing, and composition.

If he had a castle with a secret passage, he’d probably tell everybody and make it just a regular passage.


KENNETH KIT LAMUG is a photo geek, author, and filmmaker. His work includes the all-ages adventure puzzle book The Tall Tales of Talbot Toluca, HitRecord’s anthology The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, and the Award-Winning A Box Story. He was part of The Tales from Lost Vegas collaboration and an artist for the children’s magazine, Underneath the Juniper Tree.

He’s never made a monster out of corpses, but it sounds like a lot of work.

Source Point Press

Editor-in-Chief Travis McIntire
Art Director Joshua Werner
Managing Editor Trico Lutkins

Source Point Press is a small press that publishes the horror/scifi comic series, Up the River, and the true crime series, Serial, the was banned from Amazon and Comixology. Our flagship title, Jack of Spades, has been a fan favorite because of its unique noir style and its combination of pulp detective stories dealing with super-villains. Our werewolf novel by Joshua Werner, Rampant, has been a huge success as well as our werewolf anthology, Lycan Lore. Our anthology series, Alter Egos, feature short stories by many up-and-coming writers including, David J. Fielding, who played Zordon on the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers television show. We welcome you to keep coming back and checking in on Source Point Press as we have a lot of fantastic projects in the works. Please check out the blog section of our site and also visit us at Like the page to stay up-to-date on new products, convention appearances, and even opportunities to submit your own writing and artwork to upcoming anthologies and other projects! You can also find us on twitter at and Instagram at




Monstrous World

The quiet villages of Frankenstein’s Bavaria are about to get a whole lot louder.

The setting for this world is the 1800's, a while after Dr. Frankenstein created his famous monster. Since then, the doctor has been tracking his creation with the intention of destroying the beast. But he never stopped creating. He has built up an army of loyal, reliable robots, and he's teamed them up with him monster-hunting law enforcement officers, dubbed the Franken Squad. The robots prove much easier to control than monsters.

The good doctor's creature has been busy with creations of his own, though. The monster, using Dr. Frankenstein's secrets, has been able to create his own series of meta-monsters, most of whom are opposed to law and order, if not civilization itself. These monsters are criminals, but they are refugees also.

This world is not one of stark moral contrasts. Some of the monster hunters are corrupt and ruthless, and some of the monsters are caring and compassionate. The struggle between these factions is always ongoing in a series of skirmishes. Basically, it’s like a steampunk version of The Wire, but with monsters.

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